3 Surgical Outcomes for Aesthetic Procedures

There are three basic outcomes for an aesthetic procedure. 

Most commonly (and probably over 95% of the time), the procedure is successfully performed, the result is excellent, and most importantly the patient is pleased. This is our goal with any aesthetic procedure.

Occasionally despite a successful procedure, there could be an advent in the healing process that creates something that is aesthetically less than perfect.  This outcome is usually recognized by both the patient and the surgeon.  A good example of this would be a thickened scar.  Most of the time, a simple revision can correct this problem.  Personally, I encourage my patients to allow me to address this problem for them as their results are representative of my work, and I would like their outcome to be as great as I can make it.

Rarely, do we experience the third outcome where the operation and result are both successful, but the patient may think otherwise.  I have found, in my experience, that these patients typically have other underlying situational, psychological, or emotional predispositions unrelated to the surgical procedure.  The misunderstanding here is often in patient selection.  Though the office spends a significant amount of time pre-operatively educating and assessing the patient, this can sometimes occur.

Our goal is always to achieve outcome number one as we take a great deal of care in our patients and surgical procedures. After all, we do aesthetic surgical procedures primarily to help patients feel like the best version of themselves! 

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