Dr. Zubowicz and Lisa Konz on The Good Neighborhood Podcast

Dr. Zubowicz and Lisa Konz On The Good Neighborhood Podcast | Thrive Medical Spa Milton GA

Thrive Medical Spa, is Milton’s newest gem in the world of medical aesthetics.

Stacey Poehler, host of The Good Neighbor Podcast interviews Thrive Medical Spa’s founder, Dr. Vincent Zubowicz, and Thrive’s Business Development Manager, Lisa Konz. They share the passion and philosophy that have shaped this cutting-edge medical spa and surgical center.  From simple to complex, Thrive offers a comprehensive blend of aesthetic and wellness care.

Listen as Dr. Zubowicz talks through the milestones of his medical career, illuminating the evolution of cosmetic procedures from the very simple to the much more sophisticated. Meanwhile, Lisa emphasizes the unique value of their client-centered approach, highlighting how comprehensive consultations lay the groundwork for each individual’s journey toward their beauty goals. Tune in for an in-depth look at the harmonic joining of skill, technology, and customized care that is the emblem of Thrive Medical Spa.

Episode #148 Thrive Medical Spa with Dr. Vincent Zubowicz, MD and Lisa Konz

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