Revitalize your skin with the ultimate luxury of dermaplaning at Thrive Medical Spa. Our expert team employs precision and care to gently exfoliate the skin and uncover a radiant and smooth complexion. Experience the art of dermaplaning where we enhance your natural beauty and leave your skin feeling smooth and beautiful.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning involves the use of a sterile surgical blade to carefully exfoliate the skin. This precise technique eliminates dead skin cells and fine vellus hair, enhancing the skin’s texture and promoting a youthful glow.

This process dates back to ancient civilizations where women utilized various tools for skin exfoliation. However, the modern form of dermaplaning emerged as a cosmetic procedure in the 20th century, gaining popularity for skin rejuvenation. Over the years, technological advancements have refined the methods, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

Why Choose Dermaplaning at Thrive Medical Spa?

With over three decades of expertise, Dr. Zubowicz leads our skilled and accredited team, setting the platinum standard for safety and quality. When you consult with our staff, rest assured every question and concern will be addressed, delivering the personalized care and optimal results you aspire to achieve.

Actual Patient

Actual Patient

The Dermaplaning Procedure

To prepare for the procedure, patients should arrive with clean, makeup-free skin. Avoid sun exposure and use of retinoids or exfoliating products in the days leading up to the procedure.

After a thorough consultation with our highly trained staff, our team assesses the skin type and skincare goals. Upon arrival to our office, a sterile surgical blade is skillfully used to softly exfoliate the skin’s surface, removing dead cells and peach fuzz type hair. This typically lasts between 30 to 60 minutes.

Your Recovery and Results

There’s minimal to no downtime after the dermaplaning procedure. Patients may experience temporary redness or mild sensitivity, like a sunburn, which usually goes away within a few hours. We advise avoiding direct sun exposure and use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect the newly revealed skin.

Dermaplaning results are immediate and impressive. The procedure leaves the skin smoother and more vibrant. While individual experiences vary, many enjoy the benefits for 3-4 weeks. Regular sessions, often scheduled monthly, contribute to longer results.

Safety is Our Priority

Dermaplaning is extremely safe, but like any cosmetic procedure, it carries rare and minimal risks. Potential complications may include temporary sensitivity, or in rare cases, minor nicks or irritation. Choosing a reputable and professional spa minimizes these risks.

Your safety and comfort are the number one priorities at Thrive. With our steady commitment to ensure a secure and hassle-free experience, we strive to elevate your complete well-being. Every interaction is meticulously designed to be positive and enriching.

Reviews That Keep Us Thriving

”I absolutely loved my Diamond Glow and dermaplane treatment. I needed a refresh before a holiday party and met with Sarah. She asked me what I hoped to achieve and recommended the Diamond Glow treatment. I was so appreciative and impressed that she didn’t just do the much more expensive procedure that I had scheduled. The office is very nice and clean and they also have great skin care products. Thank you!”


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