Revitalize your skin with our cutting-edge Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments at Thrive Medical Spa. Reverse the visible effects of sun damage, eliminate facial veins, and fight rosacea with this incredible treatment that will treat age spots and uneven skin tone. At Thrive Medical Spa, we use the award winning Cartessa EVO Light Series laser system.

What is IPL?

Intense Pulsed light (IPL) treatment effectively addresses various forms of skin discoloration, including dark spots, age spots, and redness. IPL, often referred to as photorejuvenation, utilizes broad spectrum light to target specific chromospheres of the skin, such as melanin or hemoglobin. Our laser system gently heats the upper dermis, well below the skin’s surface, stimulating collagen production to improve the appearance of wrinkles. A series of treatments, usually 4-5 sessions tailored during the consultation, can progressively restore the skin’s youthful glow and overall appearance.

IPL dates back to the 1990s when it was developed for dermatological applications. Originally designed to treat vascular lesions, IPL evolved to address various cosmetic concerns. IPL versatility and efficacy have led to its widespread adoption, and advancements have refined IPL, making it safer and more precise.

Why Choose IPL at Thrive Medical Spa?

With Dr. Zubowicz leading our team of accredited specialists for over three decades, we guarantee unparalleled quality and safety in every aspect of our services. During the consultation, we are committed to thoroughly addressing all your questions and concerns, ensuring you receive the personalized care and desired results.

Choosing an amateur spa for IPL treatment poses significant risks. At Thrive, our seasoned experts prioritize your well-being in quality and safety.

Actual Patient

The IPL Procedure

Before the appointment, we recommend avoiding sun exposure and using self-tanning products for at least two weeks. We suggest discontinuing the use of certain skincare products, such as retinoids, to minimize the risk of sensitivity.

The IPL process typically begins with a thorough cleansing of the treatment area to remove any makeup, oils, or debris. Protective eyewear is provided to shield the patient’s eyes from intense light. The IPL device is then carefully calibrated to specific skin concerns, emitting pulses of light to penetrate the skin’s surface.

During the procedure, the patient may experience a mild snapping sensation, often likened to a rubber band against the skin. This temporary discomfort is well-tolerated by most individuals. The treatment lasts between 20 to 60 minutes.

Your Recovery and Results

Following the procedure, a soothing gel is applied to alleviate any minor discomfort, and patients may immediately resume regular activities with minimal downtime. Post-treatment, the patient may experience mild redness or a sensation similar to a mild sunburn, which usually fades within a few hours to a day. It’s crucial to avoid direct sun exposure and use sun protection during the healing phase.

Patients can expect to see gradual improvements in their skin over several weeks following the IPL procedure, including a reduction in pigmentation irregularities, diminished sunspots, and an overall improvement in skin texture. For optimal and long-lasting results, multiple sessions may be recommended during the consultation.

Safety is Our Priority

At Thrive Medical Spa, we prioritize your safety, well-being and comfort above all else. With a steadfast commitment to offering safe, effective services and treatments, we aim to foster an environment where you can THRIVE, supported by our unwavering dedication to your wellness and peace of mind. During your initial consultation, your provider will thoroughly explain any possible risks associated with each procedure and the safety protocols we have in place.

Reviews That Keep Us Thriving

”I recently had an appointment here and it was one of the best beauty services I have ever had. The staff is incredible and so knowledgeable. They really make you feel comfortable and guide you through the process. I walked out feeling extremely hopeful that this will be my go to medical spa. So excited for the journey!”

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