Find new confidence in your appearance with Otoplasty at Thrive Medical Spa. Our renowned surgeon, Dr. Vincent Zubowicz, specializes in reshaping and enhancing ear contours, providing personalized solutions for a harmonious and balanced aesthetic.


What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty, rooted in a history dating back to the first recorded cosmetic ear operation in 1845, stands as a modern solution for those seeking aesthetic refinement at Thrive. From addressing minor over-projection in a simple office procedure to tackling complex reconstructions for patients born without an ear, the procedure varies in complexity.

Strictly aesthetic in nature, otoplasty doesn’t impact hearing, making it a sought-after choice for individuals bothered by the appearance of their ears. Our skilled surgeons navigate this evolving field, ensuring personalized and effective treatments for a renewed sense of confidence and balance in ear aesthetics.

Why Choose Otoplasty at Thrive Medical Spa?

Dr. Zubowicz, with over 30 years of expertise, exclusively performs otoplasty for adults at Thrive along with our fully accredited and specialized staff. While he initially focused on pediatric ear corrections, his practice now predominantly caters to adults, drawing on his extensive international experience, including total ear reconstruction and less complex reshaping procedures.

Our consultations ensure that all questions, including those about complications and revisions, are thoroughly addressed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the procedure.

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Actual Patient

The Otoplasty Procedure

The procedure requires minimal preparation. If you opt for an oral sedative (which we recommend for your comfort during the procedure), arrange a ride home. Utilizing an otobrader, the surgeon precisely shapes the ear by scraping the cartilage lining, ensuring it heals in the desired position.

The procedure typically lasts an hour, but the duration varies depending on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed or added and whether surgery is needed on both sides.

Your Recovery and Results

Patients return to normal immediately after the procedure. The ears are initially covered by a dressing, maintaining their corrected position, and removed the following day. Resuming regular daily activities is encouraged, but caution is advised to safeguard the repaired ears.

After a week, engage in athletic activities, ensuring the ears remain protected. Protecting the ears post-procedure is crucial since the delicate sutures holding the cartilage in place are easily disrupted.

While some soreness is expected, most patients report minimal pain, typically managed with over-the-counter medication. Enjoy enduring results, as the subtle architecture of the ear ensures a lifetime impact. In some cases, revisions may be recommended post-healing to enhance symmetry.

Safety is Our Priority

Otoplasty is considered safe. At Thrive Medical Spa, we prioritize your safety, well-being and comfort above all else. With a steadfast commitment to offering safe, effective services and treatments, we aim to foster an environment where you can THRIVE, supported by our unwavering dedication to your wellness and peace of mind. During your initial consultation, your provider will thoroughly explain any possible risks associated with each procedure and the safety protocols we have in place.

Reviews That Keep Us Thriving

”Dr Zubowicz performed my procedure with consummate skill and a flawless hand.
Yet what makes him genuinely exceptional is his perfect sense of taste. I always felt secure that he has the exacting delicacy of a real master. I am just blissfully happy at the results. If you want to be in the sure hands of a surgeon of true talent, exacting standards and high character, I recommend Dr Zubowicz.”


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