Surgical Suite Options at Thrive Medical Spa

In this video, our highly skilled surgeon, Dr. Zubowicz, is performing an upper blepharoplasty, removing excess skin while preserving vital fat. The benefit of upper eyelid surgery is a more youthful appearance, primarily due to the removal of excess skin. Herniated fat is adequately removed but not excessively removed.

We want an eye that looks youthful, not hollowed out. At Thrive, Dr. Zubowicz, takes a conservative approach to skin removal, keeping it minimal and natural. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia, numbing only the eye area, allowing the patient to be awake and alert during the procedure.

Our surgical process relies on standard instruments, and we steer clear of lasers, which, according to studies, can sometimes result in more visible scars compared to traditional scalpel techniques. This efficient surgery takes place in our surgical suite at Thrive Medical Spa and typically takes around 45 minutes for each eyelid. Dr. Zubowicz’s expertise ensures a swift and precise procedure.

Following the procedure, you’ll be up and moving around right away. You can get back to driving when it’s safe for you. However, limiting intense physical activities to gentle walking for about a week until your post-op appointment is a good idea. After that, you can gradually ease back into more athletic activities while being careful to protect your healing eyelid incisions.

Most patients report that blepharoplasty doesn’t cause significant pain but if you are worried about pain or anxiety, we’ve got you covered! Thrive offers Pro-Nox™, a pain and stress management solution available to all of our surgical suite patients. We provide ice packs for your comfort, which usually offer enough relief, and you’re welcome to use over-the-counter pain medications. If you happen to be more sensitive to pain, we can provide a prescription for a pain-relieving medication.

Eyelid surgery is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The results are long-lasting, giving you a refreshed appearance that will endure over time.

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